The Doo Wop Project at Pollak Theatre

The Doo Wop Project Tickets

Pollak Theatre | West Long Branch, New Jersey

Famous lines from a song go: "The world is a stage, and the stage is a world of entertainment!" Indeed, that's what you'll get when you enter the world of The Doo Wop Project. Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University is ready to open its doors to give entertainment experience at it's finest when The Doo Wop Project runs on Thursday 29th November 2018. All you need is a ticket enter a world where mesmerizing moments will unfold and emotions will run high. Get your tickets now!

The Doo Wop Project at Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University

Isn't it amazing how pure magic and miracles do happen on the theatre stage? Whether it be a musical, drama, epic, comedy, or action, the enigmatic and captivating appeal of theater always shines through. The Doo Wop Project is one such masterpiece that will magically come alive at the stage of Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University, located at the heart of West Long Beach, New Jersey. The Doo Wop Project incites wonderment, enjoyment, and is the epitome of full-blown entertainment. Tickets are on sale now and better get yours before they go into a disappearing act. Get your tickets now!

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